Huey's Hideaway Museum August 29th 2019 / 12:00 PM MINUTES

Board Meeting 8/19

August 29th 2019 / 12:00 PM


Randi Werner, James Stokes, Katie Stokes, Alli Ranum, Sue Emmerich, Jesse Lukewich, John Lange Absent: Amanda Lange - on phone, Emily Tracey, Ashley Jochimson-McCaron, Susie Nicks,

Called to Order By: Alli Rannum at 12:03


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. June Minutes- Good Mitchell makes motion to approve the minutes, Lukewich seconds all in favor

New Business

  1. Membership growth- Up in general but we have expired memberships. Admissions is up but scholarships decrease income.

  2. Working with Dr. Mccally to fund next phase of garden towers/expansion with application in for $6,000. Did not get United Way Funding or Home Depot Grant.

  3. RCU is going to be coming to clean or help put in the pergola with option to purchase the wood as well. (October)

  4. MASH early fall flyer (September)

  5. Presidents Report- NA

  6. 1/12 under income and expenses to date

  7. ADA Compliance complete

  8. $19,000 in savings but it is all allocated. May need to draw into line for operating expenses.

  9. Stacy from Time Federal about Outdoor Playhouse

  10. Freedom Fest Update- Net $4,700 from freedom fest and waiting on $1,000 in donations.

  11. Need to move cow outside and disassemble tractor.

  12. Change school hours to being open Mondays as well.

  13. Waiting on 10K from Abby Bank.

  14. Glo-Ball- Nicolet donated meat. Doing subs. Smith brothers will donate brats.

Meeting adjourned by Alli seconded by Nicks all in favor at 12:47