Art Camp

July 13th Time TBD

Ages 7 to 12  

Led by local artist Kristianna Fogo

Owlets Art Camp

July 15th - 9am-12pm

Ages 4-6    

Let your imagination run wild by creating and inventing. Use recycled items and our featured art supplies to make a real work of art.

Farm Fun Camp

 July 18th  9:30-12:30pm

Ages 6-12   

Hosted by Pessig Farms @ Huey’s

Owlet Gardening

  July 22nd 9am-12pm

Ages 4-6

Gardening Skills & play at the museum

Flower Fun Camp

July 24th 9:30am-12:30pm

Ages 6-12   

Led by local florist Naomi Hartl from Green Bee Floral

Owlet Science Club

July 29th 9am-12pm

Ages 4-6  

Get your hands dirty with fun hands-on experiments throughout the museum. STEM learning opportunities and are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards

Science Olympiad Camp

Aug 1 & 2 Times: 1-5 pm

Age 6-12

Led by Local MASH Science Olympiad Students and Mr. Brad Paff

Owlets-Micro Chefs

Aug 5th 9am-12pm

Ages 4-6

Make your own snacks and play at the museum

Cooking Camp

  Aug 7th  9:30am-12:30pm

Ages 7-12

Led by local owner Marilynn From Marilynn’s Fire Station and Catering

Owlets Craft Camp

Aug 12th 9am-12pm

Ages 4-6

Crafts and play at the museum