Dear Friends of Huey’s Hideaway,

We are excited to share our newest adventure. This spring we are excited to begin development of the land just south of our existing building on Main Street in Medford. The fence has been installed, we have finalized our designs and will be breaking ground with the help of the county thanks to the Forestry & Recreation Department’s in-kind donation of trees, labor, and education.

It is our hope that you would come alongside us in creating a truly unique & safe space at Huey’s Hideaway that will continue to grow the possibilities of exploration, creativity, lifelong learning and play in the great outdoors.

In a time when children and families are overscheduled and the prevalence of screens bides for all of our attention, uninhibited creative play has never been more important to the development of not only young minds but to communities as a whole. Play has often been a cherished part of one’s childhood; offering an opportunity for parents to fully engage with their children. However, multiple forces are interacting to effectively reduce many children’s ability to reap the benefits of play.

How is this space different?

Imagine stepping into a secret garden or a small piece of the national forest. We want children to feel completely immersed in a space designed to ignite a passion for the outdoors and spur future adventures in nature. Secondly, we want to educate young people about the world around them. Outdoor Learning Environments stimulate the diversity of children's play experience and contribute to their overall development. We want to aid parents in developing a balance and greater understanding of the importance of spending time outdoors as it relates to mental health, cognitive development, creativity and their sense of wonder and connection to the earth.

It is essential that we maintain a variety of programming to meet the needs of children and families in Taylor County. At Huey’s, with your help, we plan to create optimal developmental opportunities and environments to prepare our children to be academically, socially, and emotionally equipped to lead us into the future.

Will you consider investing in our historic downtown and bring a little piece of the Northwoods to Huey’s backyard.

James G. Stokes

Executive Director


Huey’s Hideaway Board of Directors

James Stokes - Director

Katie Stokes - Coordinator

Alli Ranum - President

Jesse Lukewich - Vice-President

Amanda Lange - Treasurer

Samantha Shotliff - Secretary

John Lange

Susie Nicks

Susan Emmerich

Randi Werner

Joe Mitchell

Outdoor Space Inspiration

Outdoor Space Inspiration


Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature